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A Kindle Review (3rd Gen Keyboard)

In my humble opinion, the Kindle is the Ultimate Reading Apparatus.  Not only do you hold multiple books in your hand at once, you do so with a sleek and stylish medium that plays to both technological flair and warm, familiar charm.

So, why is the Kindle so amazing?


Perhaps the loveliest feature of the e-reader is Electronic Ink, which simulates printed ink on a book page.  The device is not backlit, meaning that you don’t have to deal with the eyestrain and contrast associated with reading from a computer screen.  The Kindle screen resembles a beautiful book page, complete with serif fonts and adjustable font sizes.  I cannot truly describe how wonderful this is – it’s one of those things you have to experience.  All I can truly say is that, for a book lover who has read like it was going out of style all my life, I have not ONCE regretted not having the physical book or obtaining my e-reader.


I currently have over 100 books on my Kindle.  This means that anywhere and anytime, I can pull up any one of those books and read my heart out.  The best part is that my device isn’t nearly full, so I have room for hundreds more.  Going on a trip or having a book you’re about to finish can be annoying, because you want to bring another one to start once the current one is done – with Kindle, this is no longer a space issue.


Books are all portable in a basic sense.  The Kindle shines in its ability to condense book portability into one small, sleek package.  No more do flopping pages lodge in the array of pens and crevices found in your purse.  Backpack dog-eared covers are no longer an issue.  The Kindle and its case are smaller and thinner than just about any book you can find to read and carry with you.


Why privacy?  Because sometimes we don’t want to proclaim to the masses what we’re reading.  Sometimes, if I’m reading something like Jaqueline Carey, I don’t want people to see the half-naked courtesan on the cover.  I can read it and be proud to read it, but I also don’t have to feel like a social pariah while doing so.  This also stops people from asking what the book is about or who it’s by, because they aren’t sure.  This doesn’t stop that completely – I swear the sun will never set on a day that someone doesn’t ask “Oh, what are you reading?” as an empty conversational placeholder.  But in many situations, the Kindle lets you read in peace.


Sure the kindle can seem a little pricey.  Books add up over time too.  So why bother with the electronic reader?  Well, a LOT of Kindle books are way cheaper than their paperback and hardcover brethren.  You don’t have to worry about waiting for the mass market paperbacks to come out – you can start reading when the book is still $25 bucks in hardcover, but get it for less.  Sure, some publishers still set the ebook price high, but it’s a rare thing.  I can’t tell you how many awesome books I’ve purchased for $2.99 and under – at least 50% of my Kindle library.


Books are nice to display.  That is one of the benefits of physical books – you can stand back and admire everything you’ve read, want to read again, and just enjoy the smell and feel of a nice story.  The problem is that eventually, you have too many books.  Your one bookshelf turns to two and soon enough you need an extra room just to handle them all.  This might work if you have room for a library, but as an apartment dweller, I need all the space I can get.

In short, buy a Kindle, because they fill your heart and mind with joy and let you nom books better than ever before.

::DISCLAIMER:: I endorse the Amazon Kindle because it is the eReader that I chose.  I am quite sure that many other versions of eReaders, including Nook and Kobo, have many of the same benefits.  Whatever you are familiar with and what you like is your prerogative and I hope that this review, if nothing else, leads you in the direction of an eReader of your choice.  If you choose the Kindle, I applaud you.  If you choose another, I support your decision and wish you the best.


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