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Review: Spear of Seth by Rene Daniel

It took me a while to finish, but I’ve completed Rene Daniel’s Spear of Seth.  With Egyptian mythology, a tour through the underworld, and a good ole’ case of humanity at its most greedy, the book fulfills its mission to entertain.

The Story

Alex and Hannah are young students that get thrown into a crazy world where what they thought was real is very mixed up with what they thought was fiction.  Traveling to Egypt in order to help on an archaeological dig, the two realize that one of the people in charge of the dig is stealing artifacts.  With the help of a lead archaeologist and the local police, they attempt to catch the suspect in the act and apprehend him, only to get tricked and pushed into the Egyptian underworld of myth.  In order to stop the defecting archaeologist and save themselves from a gruesome fate, each must play their own role.  Alex ventures into the underworld to uncover the secrets that are triggering the book’s bad guy to play his evil role.  Hannah stays on the surface and works with the lead archaeologist to see that justice is served.  Eventually, all find themselves together again and in a situation none could have ever dreamed of, with gods, goddesses, and mystical cures.

My Thoughts

I’m not going to lie — this book did not hold my interest like others I’ve read.  I am, however, giving it a little benefit of the doubt because my life has been extremely hectic as of late.  So regardless of the pace I read the book, I’m going to give it credit where credit is due.

The story was unique and interesting, unlike any other book I’ve read.  That isn’t to say that it is a completely unique story, but it was new to me.  The characters were a little one dimensional, and developed very suddenly rather than slowly over the course of the novel. They weren’t boring characters, there was just too much action in the way of creating the character’s thoughts.  The general themes of “maturation through strife and hardship” and “learning to love someone because they are tested and you see who they really are” are very present in the novel.

You can tell that the author really did his research, and his take on the Egyptian underworld and the gods and goddesses of Egypt was fun and entertaining.

If you like mythology and a good novel with a lot of action, you’ll enjoy this book.  If you’re searching for something deeper, with more meaning and a bit more of a thought-provoker, then I’d suggest looking elsewhere.  That being said, I don’t believe that the goal of this book was to provoke thought so much as to illustrate a situation where mythology comes to life.

Speculative Fiction Challenge 2012 – book #11


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