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Review: Towards Yesterday by Paul Jones

imagesWhat were you doing at this very moment 25 years ago?  If you were me, you were probably blubbering incoherently and drooling on a stuffed animal — ah the joys of being one month old.  Some of you, however, may have had a bit more life experience under your belt.

Now, think about how much has happened since that moment.  Friends have been made and lost, new jobs have come along, family members have been added or unfortunately taken away.  Most importantly, life has gone on and you have learned much and succeeded in not dying.

Now, imagine that, through a rather unfortunate line of events, the entire world was transported back in time to that moment 25 years ago.  If you were driving a car then, you are suddenly thrust behind the wheel.  If you were in an airplane, you’re back in your seat.  No matter what you were doing, you’re exactly back in that same spot, at the age you were and the circumstances you had, except you still had the knowledge of the now future 25 years.  This is the premise of Paul Jones’ Towards Yesterday.

Currently, this novel is available for FREE on Amazon kindle.  I often go there and peruse what I can find, because often there are interesting books available at no charge.  This book was one that I grabbed.

The novel follows a variety of people through this time traveling debacle as they adjust to the new world and begin to deal with the problems inherent with suddenly going back in time 25 years.  Eventually, most of them are brought together through a series of circumstances that make sense, for the most part.  It is revealed that a scientific experience caused “the slip” as it is referred to, which means that the scientists must try to rectify what happened.  They discover that unless they fix things, another “slip” will probably occur, meaning that the world will go back in time again – and with it the people who knew how to fix the problem would disappear.

The book raises some interesting ideas.  In “the slip,” people that had died in the 25 year span are suddenly brought back to life.  A new religious movement forms, and many people are at a loss to understand what is going on, aside from their joy at loved ones being reunited.  Another issue altogether, though, is the people that are thrust back into childhood.  They can’t carry on with their lives as normal, and are trapped inside a child’s body until that body grows.

The solution to the problem was, at best, unconvincing.  It was a pretty good book up until the climax of action, where you just want to look at the author and say, “You gave up, didn’t you?”  If you can forgive a bit of ball-dropping at the end, then I’d recommend this book to you.  There is hard science in it, but it was not anything that I really understood or cared to take the time to understand.  There is an interesting connection to multiple universes and dimensions, though, and a reference to this structure of worlds looking like a DNA double helix.

Though not going down as an epic time travel adventure, Towards Yesterday does pose some interesting questions, and does well to show the good and the bad involved in such a thing.  What is a blessing to some is a curse to others, and that is how the world works.  I can only hope that this doesn’t occur in real life, because I don’t really have any desire to become a baby again.  The thought makes me shudder!


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