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Persnickety Reviewers and the Rise of Ebooks and Self-pub

I’ve been out of the review game for a few months now, but I’m looking at taking a dive back in. That’s been spurred by one thing in particular. There just aren’t many reviewers out there (that I can find) that are willing to review Indie authors or ebooks.


I found this information out while trying to help my boyfriend promote his brand new, self published short story called Mercury, Sulfur, & Salt. Reviews are awesome, and Ben was looking to cultivate some by offering his book out to reviewers in exchange for an honest review. With the copious number of review blogs, you’d think it’d be easy — not so much. For one, many blogs specifically don’t take ebooks. I know that a lot of people consider themselves purists in regards to having the physical book, but I see so many advantages to ebooks, especially if you’re a prolific reviewer. If I had a physical copy of every book I’ve read in the past year alone, my single bedroom apartment would be overflowing. But that’s another post.

Then, there’s the whole group of people (sometimes overlapping) that don’t take self published authors. I can understand the stigma surrounding the self pub author, mainly because some people don’t realize (or want to realize) the amount of hard work and actual time it takes to publish a book. There are self pubs who don’t get their work edited, and barely seem to re-read the prose before pushing it to the public. I think this is changing, though, and that reviewers need to get on board. Self pub is easy and much more author friendly than the publishing houses (in my opinion) and you’re really missing out on books. Take Hugh Howey’s Wool, for instance. That’s self pub, and it’d be sad to have missed reviewing it when it was up and coming just because of that fact.

Now I know that there are a myriad of reasons why reviewers might only accept physical books, or only except authors from major publishing houses. That’s fine. I’m just saying that it’s an odd trend I’ve noticed.

So, this is an invitation to Indie authors. If you’re looking for an honest review, I’ll be happy to do one in exchange for a copy of your book.  If you’re a reviewer, I’d ask that you take a chance on some self pub works, and consider adding ebooks to your list.

If you’re interested in reviewing Mercury, Sulfur, & Salt, I can hook you up. Ben Stahl would love to hear what you have to say about his work, and it’d help out people that are considering purchasing the book itself. If you want to know more about him, check out A World in Words.


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