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Catching Up: Five Micro Book Reviews

Since I haven’t been doing written reviews of what I’ve been reading, I didn’t feel that it was fair to do a write up without having freshly read the book. That being said, I’ve done a few tiny reviews that consist of my basic impressions, which should give readers a starting point for looking into (or not looking into) these books.

Hugh Howey’s Shift Omnibus:  As the second trilogy in the Silo saga, Shift follows the story of how the Silos came to be. Though not as artfully done and altogether astounding as Wool, Shift is still a good read. It is, however, thoroughly depressing. I identified a lot with one of the main characters (Donald) and was able to feel the tragedy of the events through him. In short, this is worth reading if you’ve read Wool. If you haven’t read Wool, you should. ✪✪✪✪

Faith Hunter’s Bloodring: A Rogue Mage Novel: This is the first in a series from an author that I enjoy for her Jane Yellowrock books, which I’ve reviewed on this blog before. Bloodring is set in a future where angels are real (though not what you might expect) and humans are not the Earth’s keepers. The main character is a rogue mage living outside the confines of what amounts to a mage reservation. I didn’t have the same problems some people did with aspects of the book like “mage heat.” The story wasn’t exceptionally interesting, and there were odd inconsistencies in the world and lore. I don’t plan on grabbing the second book in the series. ✪✪✪

Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone: Excellent. This book was a joy to read, from the setting to the inner workings of the story. You follow a girl through a journey of finding herself, but what she finds is fresh and unexpected. It also throws the concepts of good and evil on their heads, which is a concept I like. I recommend giving this one a read, and look forward to reading more from the series. ✪✪✪✪✪

Kiera Cass’ The Selection: As a YA dystopian novel, this one is a quite popular twist on the Cinderella story. I found it intriguing, but by the end I didn’t have enough interest to read the rest of the series. There’s an interesting caste system in place, based on the money people’s ancestors could throw at the government once upon a time. A girl is elevated beyond her means by a selection to court the prince. Of course, things aren’t as they seem. There’s a love triangle, but it just seems silly. Perhaps to the younger reader, it wouldn’t be as sappy, but for me it made me wash my hands of the book at the end. ✪✪✪

Matthew Mather’s Cyberstorm: Though touted as one of the best new science fiction books to come out, this was a Did Not Finish for me. My boyfriend read it and wanted me to read it to see if he was crazy for thinking it wasn’t good. I started in and got about 40% of the way through before I completely lost interest. The concept was decent (a cyber attack cripples life), but so far as a disaster novel, this really fell short. I cared little for the situation, much less the characters. The female characters were intolerably mewling, and the men seemed to just move heavy things about and discuss conspiracy theories. I know lots of people thought this book was excellent, but it wasn’t good enough to me to finish. DNF

In all, I haven’t read many books lately that stuck out to me too much. There have been far more than this, but these were a few that I chose to micro review. Feel free to agree or disagree, or ask questions into why I felt the way I did.


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