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Threads Writing Excerpt: The Portal

Disclaimer: The following passage is an excerpt from a work of fiction I am currently writing. It is completely unedited prose, so pardon any mistakes or things that might not make sense. Though probably not the final form of the story, feel free to let me know what you think. Please do not copy or re-post this without attributing it to me. Thank you. For more information on Threads, check out this page.

As her mind lapsed back to the conversation, she managed to only sound slightly miffed in her reply. “No, I’m looking into some other options. Really, I just want to be anywhere but here.”

“I hear that! I’m sure you can do whatever it is you want to do, too.” said Shannon, and the two fell silent but for the clicking of Shannon’s heels on the concrete. Fay glanced down at her own flats and wondered if she’d feel more potent and professional if her shoes made that sound. It seemed that all the really professional, well-kept women wore noisy footwear.  Finally reaching Shannon’s car, the woman veered off and waved a few fingers in Fay’s direction while calling, “Have a good one!”

This time, Fay’s reply was genuine. She wished Shannon a good evening in turn, and walked on to her own car with a warmer feeling in her chest than when she’d left. This woman that didn’t know her that well seemed to have faith in her, and she thought that maybe that meant something. Maybe fate had something more in store for her than just typing numbers into a computer all day.

Plopping down in the driver’s seat and wrestling her bags across the steering wheel, Fay buckled her seatbelt and started the car. The engine came to life with less than a purr, but it was still sturdy and got her where she needed to go. She had a fondness for the car she’d had for a while now, and was loathe to pursue another one until the current was rendered useless. She easily dropped into the dreamlike state of the commuter, with her elbow propped on car door, her hand cradling her head as she leaned to the left.

The drive home was mercifully short, even if the scenery was beautiful as the trees were at their peak of autumn glamor. The sunset’s light on their upper branches seemed to set them ablaze, the reds and oranges glowing vibrantly. This was Fay’s favorite time of year, and the time of year that reminded her most of where she’d grown up. She’d never really left the area she was originally from, only moving to the nearby big city for college and remaining there afterward. Fall had a way of making her miss the small town of her youth, and the comforts she could find there. As she pulled into her parking space in front of her apartment, she finally snapped out of her reverie.

After climbing the stairs and fumbling with the key in the lock, Fay heard the unmistakable noises of a ecstatic canine. She opened the door carefully, smiling at the small blur of excitement that rocketed around her living room, yelping happily. Coming home to a happy dog made it hard to remain upset, and soon Fay laughed at the little animal’s antics. Setting down her bag, she scooped the warm, wriggling Chihuahua up in her arms.

“Hey there, Vy. How are you, little girl?” She cooed at the dog, who responded by licking her chin and letting loose and chirping trill. Sometimes Fay thought Violet was more a parakeet than a Chihuahua.

She put Violet down, then attatched her leash and prepared to go outside. The dog pranced happily out the door, hopping down the steps. Fay didn’t lock the door; there wasn’t a need as she’d be back in about three minutes. Plus, she figured that only the most desperate thieves would actually see any of her things as worth taking. Fay tightened her coat as she waited for Violet to sniff each individual blade of grass in order to find the perfect one to christen with her pee.

Fay laughed to herself as she thought about how often it seemed that she was the pet waiting on the master, rather than the other way around. She glanced around, shaking her head at the fact that she was standing in the middle of a grassy yard waiting for an eight pound dog to pee instead of relaxing. She glanced back at Violet, her little curly tail wagging.

A glittering shine caught the edge of Fay’s peripheral vision, and she turned to see what was there. The air seemed to shimmer for a moment, but was quickly gone. Blinking, Fay rubbed her eyes, thinking that her contact lenses must have blurred up from the chilly autumn wind. Violet had finished her business, and the two began to walk back toward the steps when she noticed the shimmer again. This time, it seemed more apparent, and as Fay watched, it formed a large, nebulous shape in the air. She looked around, wondering if anyone else was around and if they were seeing what she saw. Turning her attention back to the glimmering, Fay watched in amazement as the glittering swirls became more opaque, deepening to purples, blacks, and blues. The effect was entrancing.


Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments below, or catch me on Twitter (@hewts). Stay tuned for more excerpts as I continue writing!


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