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Review: Binary Cycle: Disruption by WJ Davies

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In the seemingly inevitable future, humanity has to abandon Earth and colonize elsewhere. Unfortunately, planets to support life as we know it are not ubiquitous, and only one planet was successfully colonized. The inhabitants have spent over 200 years making it their own home, dealing with threats from indigenous wildlife and adapting life as humans to a new place. Such is the premise for WJ Davies’ Binary Cycle: Disruption.

I like to support indie authors, as my boyfriend is one and I respect the pursuit of putting pen to page (or fingers to keyboard, as it were). Binary Cycle: Disruption is noted on Amazon as the first book in a saga. It’s really more a novella-sized work and I would not call this a stand alone book—it’s expected that you will keep reading.

In general, this first installment was intriguing. It was fairly run of the mill sci-fi, but with an interesting world and a nice set up to pique the reader’s interest (oh no, our new world is doomed!). Humans, it seems, ruin everything.

I felt there were a few too many characters presented in a short amount of time, but they each had a good debut and were meaningful enough in my head. They all felt a bit too self-aware. Each character seemed to have just a bit too much of a grasp on their own strengths, weaknesses, and places in life. Even when thrown into disorienting circumstances, they remained a bit more together than I would generally assume. As such, I was a little thrown off.

I took issue with the fact that one of the main characters is named Skyia Walker. If you’re not a Star Wars fan or member of the last century, you may not be familiar with this name. I understand paying tribute to things you like and adding pop culture references to your work, but I feel that should be done in a more minor way, rather than with a protagonist. Considering that this character also doesn’t know who or father is and has never met him, I’m even more unimpressed. This may not bother you, dear reader, but it was a point of contention for me.

The book ends with several loose threads waiting to be woven into the story, so there’s no overarching resolution. I felt the desire to read the next book, however, so the goal of the first was ostensibly fulfilled. It was entertaining, if not magical, and left me wanting more, if not fervently.

I’d call this a READ WITH CAUTION. If you’re into science fiction or speculative fiction, you’ll probably be entertained. You’ll also be supporting an indie author, if you’re into that sort of thing. The price tag is also quite friendly.



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