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The Reading Slump: A Blog Post of Complaint

A reading slump is a pretty annoying occurrence for an avid reader. Sometimes, though, life just throws you moods and novels that don’t agree. Some of you may have never experienced this, but unfortunately for me, it comes around a couple of times a year as of late.

When I’m in a reading mood, I really read. I chew through books at a startling pace, often reading one to two 300 or more word books in a week. As such, I go through material quickly and I’ve started perusing my library’s ebook selection, so as to not spend all the mortgage on books.

Ever since the end of summer, I’ve been having trouble finding books that are really all that interesting to me. If you’ve taken a gander at this blog before, you’ll know that my pet genres are science fiction and fantasy. Specifically, I like dystopian and speculative fiction.

But everything seems alike. Even the novels that are pushing five stars on Amazon and much-applauded by friends and other reviews leave me feeling like they were only mediocre. I’ve started and not finished a few books recently, which is pretty out of the ordinary for me.

The last book I really enjoyed reading was my re-read of To Kill A Mockingbird, this summer. Since then, I tried to find a new author or book to enjoy. I got The Way of Kings for free, which is a 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon. I read about 30 percent of it before I gave up to focus on my October reading, because it just wasn’t pulling me into the story. It was interesting enough, but I had no qualms moving away from it. I read my October picks (a yearly read of classic horror) and then moved on to a book called Tower Lord. I had read the first in that series two years ago (Bloodsong), which is a fantastic book. Tower Lord fell horribly short within the first 20 percent, and I quickly ditched reading that. Now I’m working through Storm Siren, though I feel that it’s fairly generic and I would gladly abandon it for something else.

What I really want is a series or book I can get excited about. I’m not really drawn to much literary or contemporary fiction, but I feel like maybe I’ve just burnt myself out on the whole sword and sorcery genre (though I still find the story my boyfriend is writing to be very interesting, and it falls under that heading, so perhaps not). I had tried a few different approaches, but I don’t want to read anything too sad or emotionally trying, because my grandma passed in the end of October and I’m still a little emotionally raw from that, especially with the holidays.

It’s so weird to say that I can look through books and not find something that interests me. Even some of my go-to re-reads haven’t been intriguing me (The Book of Lost Things). I don’t know if it’s my mood, the books, or life itself, but this slump is pretty annoying.

I’m thinking that I’ll step outside what I normally read and try something different to see if that will re-trigger my interest in books. Perhaps a non-fiction or literary fiction work. I may even try to go with a classic I haven’t read in years that has little of the fantastical in it, or force myself to read something that is emotionally trying, even though I shy away from it.

I need something to help me get back the feeling of excitement that I had for new books. Any suggestions?


One thought on “The Reading Slump: A Blog Post of Complaint

  1. Ugh, I hate reading slumps. I found my way out of one by doing some prescriptive reading of some classics on awards lists, which helped me to discover some new authors I love.

    Whatever you do, I hope you find your way out of it 🙂

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