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Review: Broken Soul by Faith Hunter

Spoiler-free Snippet

Broken Soul, by Faith Hunter, is the 8th book in the Jane Yellowrock series. The urban fantasy series follows the exploits of a vampire-hunting skinwalker who ends up working for those she normally stakes. Broken Soul was mediocre. I generally enjoy Jane’s character and most of the characters that Hunter writes, but I feel like the last few books have gotten a bit too complicated and convoluted with the myths and legends entwined into the story. The amount of explanation required for certain elements of the story pulled me out of enjoying it too much, though I did like the fact that Jane finally stopped feeling sorry for herself in certain regards. I would call this a READ WITH CAUTION. It wasn’t horrible if you’re a fan of the series, but don’t start with this book, and don’t pay full price, in my opinion.

Here, There Be Spoilers

In this novel, Jane is preparing the Master of New Orleans’ vampire crew for the arrival of a contingent of European vampires. In the midst of this, she uncovers a plot where a team of three evil folks, a vampire and two blood slaves, are looking to kill her and capture a crazy powerful secret hidden in the Master vampire’s lair. Also, she can suddenly stop time. Oh, and there are other magical dimensions and light dragons.

Trying to recap the story was hard to do, because the plot didn’t make a ton of sense. The European vampires are a problem, but then they fall to the wayside when these new vampires come up. Add into that a crazy light dragon that is attacking Jane at random, a living relic of one of the first vampires, and interdimensional magic ley lines, and you get a bit of the confusion that is this book.

It’s a bit like an action movie that decided it didn’t really need a plot so long as there were gratuitous battles and time stopping powers.

I enjoyed the fact that Jane stopped moaning over her ex and let herself get over that. It was also refreshing to see Bruiser’s character in a bit more depth. In spite of this, though, it felt like the book had Jane sort of revisit every character she’d met in order to just have them included.

I was not a fan of the part where Jane kills an over 100-year-old evil blood slave that is known as “the Devil” for her malicious and crazy powerful fighting skills, yet gets all mopey because she “killed a human when she didn’t need to.” I’m fairly sure that someone who has been through what she’s been through and has seen good and evil as much as Jane has would be able to reconcile the fact that a century-old, vampire blood-powered evil warrior woman doesn’t really count as an innocent human any longer. Especially because the “human” in question was actively trying to kill people Jane cared about.
So, there you go. It was just okay. The plot wasn’t thrilling, there was a host of problems with too much description and complexity in the presentation of the supernatural and mythical, and there were somewhat weird and inexplicable time-stopping powers that dealt with interdimensional magic ley lines. The book was a bit of a mess, but if you’re a fan of the series, it might be worth a shot. I’m glad I didn’t pay for it. This is a READ WITH CAUTION, because some folks might want to read this, if they’ve read this series.


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