Request a Review

If you’d like to have your book reviewed, here’s some more information.


I like fantasy, science fiction, speculative fiction, dystopian fiction, young adult, new adult, regular adult, paranormal fiction, paranormal romance, literary fiction, and a ton of other stuff. If your book doesn’t fit into one of these genres, never fear, I may still like it!

  1. I prefer ebooks. If you really, really want me to review your physical book, then I can do that. MOBI, please.
  2. I can’t promise a time frame, but I generally get through books pretty quickly.
  3. I’ll post my review on this site, as well as on Amazon.
  4. Please include a link or book blurb with your request, so I can get a feel for the book. There may be a chance where I decide not to review your book, just because I don’t like the content. This is a good thing for you, though. If I really hate certain books (for instance, books with heavy military themes and content) then I probably won’t give you as fair of a review.

All that being said, please feel free to submit a request through the contact page on this blog.


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